Anyone who has known Dorset all their lives will find it a very hard place to leave. It leaves poetry in your veins. Dorset folk know how to sum up Dorset in few, and singularly simple words. This exhibition is an ode to having Dorset and the Dorset way in my veins, every last, tiny, delicious morsel.

When I first returned to Dorset after years submersed in the barren urban cityscape of London, it was like balm to my worried soul. I spent the next stage of my life deep in the Dorset landscape, translating it into paint, obsessively, clinging onto its life affirming and replenishing rythmn. It made me happy again and whole and reminded me of the freedom of the total abandon of being a child safe in the care of an adult’s guidance. So there will be plenty of the celebratory landscapes painted en-plein-aire decorating this exhibition.

The narrative paintings in this body of work are explorative of that total freedom in childhood to daydream and drift about able to concentrate on the changing ground you are walking on, or meditate on the crying gulls floating overhead like kites on a string. And the visual contrast of those unpopulated sweeping hillsides to the darkened interiors of ancient family homes we went to buy food, the anticipation of the flavours intensified by the negotiating, the gathering and the stories.

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