Sketching is an essential part of an artist’s life. To quote the Master Penman Jake Weidmann, “You should study 50% as much as you practice.” I have spent this year going back to thinking in my sketchbook. Drawing directly from life not only hones in on skills, but also in particular is a practise in the capturing of an essence of existence. Just as we receive feelings from a colour, we lance feelings into a creation. I call it method painting.

The model making began with a piece called “Paper Flowers”. It is a room I used to live in a long time ago: a room in my head that enclosed and puzzled me. The only flowers that could grow there were made of paper. The only stairs there to climb led somewhere out of the frame.My way of working is to externalise inner thoughts. We all have a dual existence: the physically perceived way of living that runs alongside an internal dialogue. These two reels often play the same piece of film, but at times they digress from each other, neither one switching off but the outer one certainly not representative of the inner. My interest is in materialising our thoughts and daydreams. Feelings from a time spent in a remembered cottage nestled amidst heather and bracken, with a warm, dark cosiness. How an apple tastes. Frames of mind.In short I have been cutting up of my oil paintings and incorporating them into experimental models, hence the title of the show. They have been received as ‘3D paintings.

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