Spell of Lights is an exhibition of small pieces about the end of the year. From the gathering in of the nights, increasing darkness and our draw to light. Perfect for a Christmas presents.

Transitioning through the revelry and rest that the season is world celebrated for: marked by Christmas/New Year festivities- the birth of the Son and the rotation back to lengthening days. Spell of lights is about shooting like a firework into the fresh sheet of January the first. The Ancient Roman God Janus (January’s namesake) has two faces – one looking backwards, the other forward.

Expect a procession of creativity in a riot of colour, charcoal and hologram paper. Peopled drawings turned into collages that, in their very nature are the embodiment of transformation.

There will of course be home made mince pies and something warm to drink. All are welcome. Hope to see you there!

New Inn, Stoke Abbot. Saturday 3rd December. 4 – 6pm.

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