After what seems like like the longest two years, Philomena Harmsworth’s delighted to invite you to venture through and immerse yourself in her new exhibition “Canvas & Rock”.

A fusion of paint, charcoal and neon- some of the media used in this latest collection. Ancient and modern themes married together – contemporary people and place with pathways into the sedimentary layers of deep time. It seems Dorset has been personified.

In the picture postcard village of Stoke Abbott, in the beating heart of the New Inn, Philomena has hung light-boxes of curiosity, and is inviting you to come and see it. “Canvas & Rock” is a joyful celebration of West Dorset where it’s treasures are amassed into art and stories. As an artist with an eternal bond to these hills that roll on until they reach the golden cliffs of the coast and meet the hypnotising sea. It inflates the heart and the imagination comes flooding in- that is the magnetism of the place. Laying back on living soil, the newest layer of the landmark defining Jurassic Coast, and dreaming of what’s beyond the blueness of the sky, puzzling rainbows and transience is the inspiration for this exhibition.

Like a palaeontologist offered fragments of a fossil; this exhibition considers mechanisms beyond surface ticks. Some of the art works included – Eggardon as a nest- the place where Dorset topography is evocative of strata, and where the golden evening light, almost tangible, joins the sky to earth. Fish in ponds through scrub in the woods, so pregnant with water that river sources spring everywhere…

Vitality seems all the more evident through the powerful presence of 185 million years of geological history.

New Inn, Stoke Abbott, DT8 3TJ pub opening hours are 12-2pm & 6-11pm Weds – Sunday. Check website before travelling. T: 01308 868 333

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