After what seems like like the longest few years, I am delighted to invite you to venture through and immerse yourself in my new exhibition “Canvas & Rock”. With a celebratory glass of wine I will be there for chats or please feel free to enjoy browsing in silence.

After a 25 year obsession with working in oils, hunting for the deepest version of the narrative plot, my paintings physically started to leave the canvas. Cutting them out I incorporated them into experimental models that provided the foundation for my current practice.

I started writing poetry alongside sculpting which is part of the dual narrative of my final piece (click on both images for videos). I juxtapose the visual and spoken like two ribbons undulating alongside each other but not always in complete accord. My exhibitions are creeping into the world of installation. 

Either I am creating portraits of the land personified, or externalising my emotional responses into beings.

Paddock Art Studios
Paddock Lane

Saturday and Sunday 6th & 7th September 2022

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