A Chef’s Story

A Chef’s Story, painting by Philomena Harmsworth

This painting is about the stories that go into food, or maybe the food that comes out of the stories. I like spice, heat, salt and gravely flavours like fried onions and plenty of garlic, along with surprises of sweetness, cheese and jam for example. I pick my friends the same way. Don’t we all? Lynette Fisher, staunch friend, great cook, is multifaceted and has under her belt a lot of sunshine and spice.

As a young woman she ventured overseas the only way she knew how: she acquired access to an Atlantic crosser headed for Jamaica. This painting is about Lynette’s feet on Caribbean soil experiencing the full spectrum of flavours that colour her dishes. It is also about the history of cooking methods and the pot, heat and the fresh vanishing fragrance of a ripe piece of exotic fruit. Angular structures of tables and the buildings have contradictory lines that gently jar, but then, once focused become enticing like a personality.

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