Chameleon Woman

Chameleon Woman right view, ceramic sculpture by Philomena Harmsworth Chameleon Woman left view, ceramic sculpture by Philomena HarmsworthChameleon Woman back view, ceramic sculpture by Philomena Harmsworth











As a painter of twenty five years I have moved to East Sussex and discovered pottery. Last year the paintings were literally starting to leave the surface of the canvas and after a short pottery course I realised, with utter delight, that so many of my paintings were actually supposed to have been pots all along! This is a baffling concept as I realised that some of the pots I make are also supposed to be paintings!

The Many Vesseled Women are literally female figurines made up of domestic vessels – traditionally hand-thrown bowls, vases. The compilations are then sketched upon, often directly from life to give it that immediate freshness of first hand insight. They have a dichotomy of traditionally produced domestic ware with a surreal decorative element. I call these 3D paintings.

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