In the arms of the Harbour, Lyme Regis

In the arms of the Harbour, Lyme Regis, oil painting by Philomena Harmsworth

Lyme Regis, with its fading glamour and hints of past grandeur was a deserted place when I was a child. There was the tiniest of beaches in the arms of the harbour which used to vanish at high tide! I remember adventuring with my daring Dad along the sloped Cobb to experience the enormous waves smashing and arching over the top; climbing the perilous stone steps, wading through the eye watering stench of the screened gents for a pee, and venturing out on a deep sea fishing boat to be drenched by sea spray and hands cut by the dragging weight of the orange fishing lines waiting for the tug and the silvery flash of a caught mackerel.

I would love to own this painting.

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