“Psychedelic Junction”  is a short story.. not the kind you expect though- I have written my paintings. Which as a visual artist presented a challenge- I wanted to make it into a book form, but not being an illustrator, and having already done the paintings albeit in written format, I then had to go back to each written painting and reinterpret each one as this painter would!

Have you ever had the ordinary events in your life interrupted inconveniently, and the subsequent unfolding of events mark you in a way that leaves you breath taken? “Psychedelic Junction” tells such a story, and even though the subsequent sequence of events are also fairly mundane, the freshness and trials forced an inner journey that otherwise would not have been travelled.

“Psychedelic Junction” spans a short semblance of time, in which incident after incident occur like the ripple effect on the glassy surface of a still pond. Each episode a flash of iridescent magic on a commonplace tarmacked journey – a tiresome disruption delivers an internal metamorphosis.

Written and illustrated by an artist, this is no ordinary book, more a piece of artwork with pages, a beginning and an end.

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Third of the images for Psychedelic Juction

Image 5 for Psychedelic Junction

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