Women as vessels. The collection so far is of a domestic kind – figureheads on boats become creatures in their own right – ceramic people that contain liquid, and pour as jugs. Sculptures that are also vases made to display the fleeting beauty of fresh flowers, but are themselves tormented souls. Picasso’s ironing woman; poor emaciated and enslaved in her task, is a vase for fresh flowers!

In giving each piece a dual existence, I am reflecting on an elemental dialogue that is present and unspoken in routine, mundane circumstances. We are brought up as a race to survive and communicate well amongst our peers, to behave according to circumstances. There is often a secondary dialogue in situations or encounters – body language for example, or how we interpret what we are hearing, sometimes we don’t always tell that loved one that we think they are wrong do we?!

The title “Sketches in Clay” alludes to my approach to pottery as a painter. Again, it feels as though this work in ceramics is 3D painting. Sketching for me, is when inspiration is unleashed; even when a painting is begun, it starts with the inspired sketch. This medium of clay is so exciting that ideas are tumbling out faster than I can make them. Each work is a sketch that has come into existence.


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