‘Vessels are female. There is no doubting it in my mind. Bowls, vases, the shapes simply lend themselves to curves and rounds.’

Philomena Harmsworth, a painter of twenty years has moved to East Sussex and discovered pottery. She says that last year the paintings were literally starting to leave the surface of the canvas and that after a short pottery course realised, with utter delight, that so many of the paintings were actually supposed to have been pots all along! This is an interesting concept as Philomena makes pots that are also supposed to be paintings!

Now ensconced in a project coined the Many Vesseled Women, literally female figurines made up of domestic vessels – traditionally hand-thrown bowls, vases. The compilations are then sketched upon, often directly from life giving it that immediate freshness of first hand insight. They have a dichotomy of traditionally produced domestic ware with a surreal decorative element. Philomena calls these 3D paintings.

A collector of Philomena’s work says her paintings translate effortlessly into ceramics. You will be able to see weird and wonderful ceramics alongside the paintings they have sprung from. There will also be usable bowls mugs and jugs for sale. As an ‘old school artist’, Philomena grew up with the love of craft, drawing all the time, so there are still lives- garden fruit and veg painted directly into bowls with the signature sense of humour- fruit in bowls painted onto bowls..

‘My wish is for people to live with live art: real things nourish and enhance one’s day. Living with hand-made art, no machine or device can replicate. Real things give us a sense that an exchange has taken place, that sensation arises from a stimulated mind.’

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