“Drawings”: The Nudes

All artists draw. It’s a vein of work that runs continually through everything I do. Drawing keeps the eye and hand in tune with each other. To draw is to practise the shaping of three-dimensional forms onto the two-dimensional page. It is a volleying between intuitive mark-making; and the more practical and critical decisions you make about composition and the finishing of a “whole” piece.

I don’t see drawing nudes as an exercise- I love playing with long, languorous lines and making sense of a form tonally. Some results are elegant while others can be quite wild; tonal differences can be in any colour!

“Painting”: The Landscapes

Live painting is translating what is directly in front of you through drawing. Drawing in paint is how I describe my figurative work; particularly the landscapes. When the seasons change and it is no longer painful to be out of doors, I am busting like the spring to capture nature’s changes. When you live in a beautiful part of the world it is a privilege.

It is impossible to tire of driving that same journey every day when each season offers such a selection of visual delights. It’s not just the colours and temperature that revolve, but the contours, compositions and interest in a view.

Winter landscapes offer so much more visibility due to the naked branches and, colour palettes are tempered. Spring has the undertones of winter coupled with the colour of hope and gladness. Summer and autumn are full volume for colour and foliage…


My pictures are inspired by stories, sometimes my own, sometimes other people’s. The pictures are in paint. They are figuratively drawn with narrative elements, and reference art movements. Traditionally narrative painting is figurative pictures that document historical moments. The narrative elements in my pictures are telling stories of their own, or they are visual translations of narrative text. Romantic painters and writers focus on emotive, poetic themes.

Beauty and technical harmony being key. History is an important aspect of my work. Personal or global, it is our make-up.

The wealth of our experiences gives the pictures depth and personality by the involvement of culture. My pictures are about who we are.
Technically I like to layer veils of paint and then add thicker textures in parts, concentrating the focus on key areas only.

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