I have to be deconstructed for the birds to soar out of me.

There is a glittering menace running through the newest collection of art ‘My Death Star’, the menace is a shadow that darkens my doorways lurking by the bed at night and sitting by my feet under the studio table. This ceremonial exhibition of oil paintings and ceramics is peppered with artwork that imposes on the viewer by entering a space beyond the imaginings of the surface of the canvas- they stick out at you. I am reworking paintings by crossing boundaries the art is made of; as a painter of 25 years the pieces are becoming 3D portraits reworked with shed, cut mirror, burnt sticks and torn canvas.

A full length portrait in oil on canvas begins reminiscent of tradition- the artist is staring straight out at the viewer, and holding a paintbrush out to the side. That’s where anything formal ends- the easel she is painting on is made of actual wood and constructed to be in the correct perspective. The canvas being worked on the easel, has edges that become a nest viewed from the inside and the sky, or centre of the canvas, is a mirror. Her bare painted feet stand on a painted floor that then becomes cellar made of reconstituted shed etc etc.

A couple of the pieces feature a spiked woman- “my death star”, or a personification of my destructive streak. With one of the ceramic pieces, that always begin as a compilation of vessels, as a self-portrait I become the vessel. Red raw the spikes come out of my throat; they have become beautiful crystals and rock hard defences.

Galleries only- for a studio tour on Saturday….. call 07740 309607 to book your appointment.

Open to the general public Sunday … from 10-5pm.

Studio Philomena- 7 Baker Street, Uckfield, E. Sussex TN22 5BJ

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