Show & Tell Girls

The three sisters are female figurines borne from domestic vessels — hand-thrown vases and bowls piled on top of one another. The tradition and ritual involved in the making of the domestic ware that is then piled in the cupboard; further likened to the ritual of personalities personified stacked as a complete totem pole. These figurines represent the generations of characters that make up the personality of an individual.

Dancing Vessels

Traditionally thrown, domestic ware and this time, they are dancing! The “Yellow Flower” candlestick holders are double candle stick holders, designed to play with the flickering dancing light of the candle flame by the facets cut into the clay, shiney glazes and lustres, in such a way that is irresistibly enticing: moth vision.

The Many Vesseled Women

As formerly a 2D artist, in sculpture I am addressing creating from another angle. These compilations are a dichotomy of traditionally produced domestic ware as portraits - the still life come to life so to speak.

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