“So Far…” is a piece of artwork in the guise of a book.

There needed to be a book, everything that had happened in my life to date culminated in that understanding. My publisher father would pull stories from thin air at night, my art teacher taught us about narrative paintings and my literature teacher wept real tears at the description of a Grecian Urn! I would paint stories and write my paintings which is how I ended up as a Theatre Designer.

My art history education; the meaning of images and how they are formed, helped me compile a visual vocabulary, which is easily reversed in my mind in the vision that words bring.

Like my practice my chosen materials span most art forms: onomatopoeic words, descriptive paintings, bold sculpture, even a pantomime ending for the joy of it! The written parts are word pictures, observations and musings that any artist would usually slip into a sketch book. The images, paintings and made parts form a narrative, and the page turning denotes a new chapter.

I wanted it to have the feel of my favourite type of book- the book where all the magic begins- a sketch book. So I had it professionally printed and then each page has something hand finished: a pop-up, a raised part or a hand scrawled perception. And just for a curve ball, there are times when I love straight lines: the hard cover finished in book cloth is hand made by me!

It is a touchy feely item you hold and explore. It is on the page and about the page, but comes off the page spanning fiction in to real space. This collectable item is a limited edition piece of art that is a run of 100, each signed and numbered inside and out. To cap it all, the forward is written by Antony Penrose, son and biographer of Roland Penrose and Lee Miller, the grandees of Surrealism to England.

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