Grand Piano (Fine Art Print)

Picture entitled 'Grand Piano' by Philomena Harmsworth

I found a lunch time concert in Brighton I thought my mum might like. It was in the most unlikely venue of a church with all the statues swathed in purple covers for Easter. Amongst the solemn haloed setting sat two oiled and suited men sat at the shiniest grand piano I’ve ever seen. They began their tidal lilting, and the scene was set. However, the unlikely church was on one of the busiest commercial streets in central Brighton; consequently the continued roaring of the buses just outside the window was peppered with the screeching gulls of central Brighton. It struck me as the perfect allegory for the creative person’s life lived on a parallel with mundane existence.

These limited edition artist’s prints are collector’s items, each one is 1 of 100, they are made using light fast ink on artist quality, acid free paper to the standard of the Guild of Fine Arts, titled and signed by the artist. That means, the image will not fade in the light, nor will the paper brown. The image is 27 x 34.4cm and comes: simply the print, in a card board tube at £65, The print in a luxuriously thick card mount and framed in a warm white frame for £145.

Please contact me with any enquiries.

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